We change the way how data is used in medical world

We are a Real-World Data company making clinical information and data STRUCTURED in order to support clinicians and ensure accuracy, completeness, reliability, relevance & timeliness in medical notes and documentation.

Market segments

Hospitals And Practices

  • EHR and report automation
  • Immediate RWD for evaluation


  • Existing high quality RWD - data integrity & consistency immediate check
  • Safety and data automation
  • eCRFs filled and directly linked to medical history
  • no double work and room for mistakes


  • Completeness of medical records
  • RWD for decision making

Medical Practitioners

  • Reduced time of EHR creation
  • Easily manageable patient’s history

Data Science / Real-World Data

  • Immediate and high quality RWD
  • Completeness of essential data
  • Shared data standard
  • Next-gen predictive models


  • Access to medical history
  • Viable option for personalized medicine


Jan Poleszczuk, PhD

CTO & Head System Architect
Mathematician and biomedical engineer, scientist with experience in data science, healthcare and software engineering.

Rafal Szmuc, PhD

Entrepreneur and manager experienced in financial corporations and healthcare business. Executive coach & mentor.

Robert Ługowski

Entrepreneur and manager experienced in business development, sales, investments in international corporations.

Team With Unique and Complementary Abilities

Alessandro Seganti, PhD

Data Scientist

Jaromir Frankowicz


Paweł Teterycz

Medical practitioner, oncologist

Alek Sowa, PhD

Ex Roche, Flatiron Health

Artur Pruszko

Digital Health  & EU Expert

Agata Majchrowska, PhD

Lawyer, Advisor to EU, European Health Data Space

Renown Experts & Inwestors

Prof. Iwona Lugowska MD, PhD

Clinician, Oncologist @ National Cancer Institute

Katarzyna Pieniadz

Health Economics Specialist Journalist & Angel Investor

Prof. Piotr Rutkowski MD, PhD

Clinician, Oncologist @ National Cancer institute, Polish National Oncology Strategy co-author, Expert in Clinical Trials

Kacper Marzoch

CEO, owner @ Noise Advertising Agency

Slawomir Szymankiewicz

General Manager @ GlaxoSmithKline Poland

Pawel Wozniak

Visionary INTRE-preneur CEO & CEE Manager @ Komtur Pharmaceuticals

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